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The mission of The HOPE, Courage and Strength 5K series is dedicated to supporting patients in their local infusion center by providing financial assistance.

About Us

HOPE Springs started in 2013 as a grass roots effort to raise funds that would stay 100% local to help those receiving treatment at the Essentia Health Infusion Center in Hibbing, MN. What was intended to raise a few thousand dollars has grown to an event with over 700 participants that raised over $43,000 in 2017.

In 2016 another passionate group emerged in Virginia, MN with the desire to replicate the impact of HOPE for the Essentia Health Virginia infusion center patients. They chose Courage as the trait to represent their community and spirit.

In 2018, Strength was born in Ashland, WI to benefit the infusion center in that community. Once again, this was a springing from local passion and desire to help those dealing with cancer.

Through the funds raised at HOPE Springs we are able to provide patients with gas cards, grocery cards, kits to help prevent/relieve side effects, and grants. We also have now brought in massage monthly for both patients and caregivers. The caregivers are approximately 50% of the massage and it brings us joy to see a small way we can help them while they help their loved ones. We are often asked the key to our success. Here it is, we are passionate local groups that aim to deliver high quality family friendly events that raise funds for the awful 'C' word that we are all affected by. Our promise that 100% goes directly to patients receiving care in our communities resonates. It is what inspired us and we know it is what drives our fundraising and success. Thank YOU for being part of that with us.

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Range Runners Running Club.